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Cole 2012-13 Panda Graphic Organizer

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Body Structure Needs
  • large mammals
  • 200-300 pounds
  • fur is thick
  • black and white fur
  • use paws to climb trees
  • use paws to hold bamboo stems
  • when born cubs weigh 4-5 oz. 
  • Pink skin under white fur
  • black skin under black fur
  • 5 claws
  • special thumb to wedge their food 
  • eat leaves
  • eat bamboo shoots
  • eat bamboo stems
  • eat 85 pounds (39 Kg) of bamboo every day 
Growth Habitat
  • babies are callecd cubs 
  • 1-2 cubs born at a time
  • mothers can give virth once a year
  • can live in the wild for 20 years
  • cannot eat bamboo until they are 7 months old
  • pink skin when born 
  • China
  • bamboo forests 
  • mountains of China 


  • climb trees
  • good swimmers 
  • lcimb with paws on tree
  • they can run
  • panda bears like to play 
  • 11 different sounds
  • bark
  • squeal
  • growl
  • bleat 
Interesting Facts Resources


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