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McPherson 2012-13 Dog Breed Project

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  What do you know about dogs? 

There are different types of dogs.

They have to go to the bathroom.

They have tails.

They are different colors and have different types of fur.

They have 4 legs.

They have to go to the bathroom in the yard.

They have two eyes.

Some dogs are twins.

Dogs have bodies.

Dogs have two ears.

There are chihuahuas.

They drink water.

There are puppies.

They eat food.

Some dogs swim in water.

They can run.

People pet them.

Some dogs are dalmations.

Some people dress dogs up in clothes.

Some people like poodles.

There are bulldogs.

Sometimes dogs need to take a bath.

Some dogs drink milk.

Some dogs beg for people.

There are different types of dogs that help us:  Firefighter dogs, police dogs, herding dogs.

Dogs need food, water, people to protect them, bathe, exercise, dog treats,

They can protect you from bad people.


 What do you want to learn about dogs?

How do they give birth?

How do they communicate?

How long do they live?

Do they need food?

Where do they get exercise?

How do they have puppies?

Do they drink water?

Where do they eat?



What did you learn about dogs?

They have muzzles.

They have ears.

They have noses.

They have legs.

Some have black noses and some have brown noses.

Some dogs want to play in their food.

They can jump.

They can play with balls.

They can sleep.

They can run real fast.

They can run with people.

They run with kids.

Some dogs ears are pointed.

Some dogs ears are floppy.

Some dogs have short ears.

Dogs chase after people.

Some dogs chase cats.


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