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Kirk 2012-13 Panda Project

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Kirk 2012-13 Panda Graphic Organizer 


What do you know about pandas? 

They eat bamboo.

They have white fur.

They are black and white.

They are fluffy.

They are very wild.

They climb on bamboo.

Some are little and some are big.

They have no enemies.

They live in China.

They are bears.

They are wild animals.

They are cute.

They are endangered because people take away the bamboo.

They walk on four feet.

They are black and white.

They run fast.


What do you want to learn about pandas?

Why do they climb trees?

Do they play?

Why do they eat bamboo?

Do they live in the United States of America?

Do they play with bamboo?

How are they born?

Do they like people?

Why do they only live in China?

Where do they live?

What do they do when they are mad?

What do they eat?

Do they live with bamboo?

When are cubs old enough to leave their mother?

Do they live in China for 200 years?

Why are people taking away bamboo from the pandas?

How do they make homes?

Why do they climb trees?

Do they live in China for 20 years?

How do pandas live?


What did you learn about pandas?

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