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Mitchell 2012-13 Insect Life Cycle

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Mitchell 2012-13 Painted Lady Butterfly Graphic Organizer 


What do you know about insects? 

Spiders are not insects.

Insects have six legs.

Insects lay eggs.

Some insects are poisonous.

Some insects have hard shells.

Some insects have wings.

Some insects can fly.

Insects can fly, crawl or hop.

Some insects have two legs.

Ants are insects.

Insects can fly.

Insects have antennas.

Insects need food to survive.

Caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Some insects live in forests.

Some insects have patterns on their backs.

Some insects live in trees.

Ants live in ant hills.

Insects have four legs.

Insects have spots.

Some insects bite.




What do you want to learn about insects?

Where do ants live?

What do ants eat?

What is the difference between the thorax and the abdomen?

Where do insects come from?

What do they eat?

How do they walk?

How do insects climb?

How do insects fly?

Do they have bones?

What is an exoskeleton?

Why do dung beetles eat poop?

How many eyes does an insect have?

What do insects do?

How many insects are in the world?

Why do insects go into peoples homes?

Where do they live?

How do caterpillars become insects?

Where do grasshoppers live?

How do insects get in danger?

How do caterpillars become butterflies?

Why do insects have six legs?

Why do some insects have wings?

Why do they need six legs to be an insect?



What did you learn about insects?


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