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Hames 2012-13 Insect Life Cycle

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Hames 2012-13 Painted Lady Butterfly Graphic Organizer


 What do you know about insects? 


Some insects have 4 legs.

Stick insects have 6 legs.

Some butterflies have little numbers on them.

Most insects have 6 legs.

Ants have an abdomen.

Most insects they fly.

Butterflies have tongues and drink nectar out of it.

Their tongues curl back in their mouth.

Worms wiggle on their tummies.

Butterflies have patterns on their backs.

Flies have this type of tube to suck up food.

Praying Mantis can sneak up on their prey.

Insects are ants.


What do you want to learn about insects?

How are insects born?

What is the life cycle of insects?

Are Their abdomens made our of bones?

Why do wasps and bees have singers?

Why do butterflies have tubes to suck up food?

Why do they have six legs?

Do insects have bones?

What do worms eat?

Do butterflies, bees and ladybugs pollinate our flowers?

Why do butterflies, bees ande mosquitos have wings?

Why to insects have to eat food?

Why do insects have to catch food?

Why do insects eat poop?

Why do frogs eat insects?

Why do butterflies have to stay in their cocoons? 

How many insects have antennas?

Where do insects live?

How many insects have wings?

How many legs do insects have?

How many insects are in the world?

How many insects lay eggs?

How many insects live in the ground?

What is an insect?

What do flies eat?

What do ants eat?

Why do butterflies have patterns?

How do insects breathe? 


What did you learn about insects?


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