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Trifaro Cultural Study of China Graphic Organizer - 2012-13

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  • They speak chinese.


  • They eat rice.
  • The mother shops at the market for food.
  • They eat chicken.
  • They eat crabs & shrimp.
  • They eat soup. 
  • They collect bamboo for food.
  • They cook shrimp and eggplant.
  • They use chopsticks.
  • They eat shrimp and soup. 


  • Some children play the piano.
  • They wash their own dishes after lunch.
  • We think they bring their own dishes for lunch because they were different.
  • They learn English in clubs.
  • They learn. 
  • Rice is cooked at school.
  • He gave his rice to the cook.
  • They walked to school.
  • The cook cooked rice. 
  • The students read cards.
  • They bow to their teacher to show respect. 

Home Life

  • Some families live in apartments.
  • They sing with a karaoke macnine sometimes.
  • She went to bed at 9:00pm.
  • They sleep in beds. 
  • They do homework before dinner. 

Sports & Games 

  • They play a string game at school at recess.
  • They play paddy-cake. 
  • They play marbles.
  • They play Ping Pong. 


  • The mother walks to the market.


  • Children sing.
  • They wear several layers of clothes to stay warm. 


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