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Anderson Cultural Study of China Graphic Organizer - 2012-13

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  • They practice English at school in clubs.
  • They speak Mandrain. 


  • They drink milk for breakfast.
  • They eat scrambled eggs & sausage & dried pork for breakfast.
  • They also eat bickled vetables for breakfast.
  • They eat soup, rice, and chicken.
  • The mom buys crabs, shrimp and apples in a market.  
  • They drink tea.
  • They eat bamboo.
  • They eat rice. 


  • They may have 58 students in a class
  • They practice music at school. 
  • Some children walk for 30 minutes to get to school.
  • Some students make rice at school.



Home Life

  • Some people go to bed at 9:00pm. 
  • They clean their feet before they go to bed. 

Sports & Games 

  • Some chiines practice Tai Chi.
  • Children sing along with Karoake. 


  • They ride mortorcycles and students take the city bus to schools.
  • Some people travel on a motorbike 


  • they grow bamboo in China. 


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