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Cole 2012-13 Cultural Study of China

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Cole Cultural Study of China Graphic Organizer - 2012-13 


What do you know about China? 

China has a big bridge that anyone can walk on.

China has a Chinese store.

Chinese food is noodles.

They built a China wall.

They speak Chinese.

When it is day to us it is night to them.

Ninjas live in China.

They eat Chinese food.

Chinese serve themselves.

They have Chinese chairs.

They have Chinese schools.

They have Chinese tables.

They built the wall because they needed to keep some people out.



What do you want to learn about China?

Why do the students on field trips wear yellow hats?

Do they eat soup?

Why do they have armies?

Why do they eat sushi?

Why do they use chopsticks?

Why do they have big piles of haystacks?

Where do they live?  What are their homes like?

Do they travel on bicycles?

What kind of games do they play?

Do they play karate?

Why do some of the Chinese houses have symbols on them?

Why do they build the Great Wall of China?

Why do they have stores that serve noodles?

What languages are spoken in China?

Why do they eat noodles?

What schools do they go to?

What kind of sports do they play?

Do they have any other ways of transportation other than bikes?

When do they celebrate their holidays?

Do they have oceans?

Do they have ropes for questions?

Why do they go to school?





What did you learn about China?


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