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Trifaro 2012-13 Cultural Study of China

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Trifaro Cultural Study of China Graphic Organizer - 2012-13


What do you know about China? 

They eat different foods.

They eat noodles.

They celebrate the dragon.

They hunt for food.

They go to school.

They speak in Spanish.

They speak French.

They speak another language.

When the dragon comes down it is good luck.

They speak in Chinese.

They speak English.

They have different foods.

They speak the Chinese language.

They live in a different part of the world.

Some Chinese people walk on the Great Wall of China.

They make their palaces.

They like China.

They have sports.



What do you want to learn about China?

Do they speak French?

How do they eat noodles with chopsticks?

How do they travel in China?
How many people live in China?

How do they get married?

How do they make boats out of sticks?

How do they play games?

What is the Chinese language like?

How do they eat different foods?

How do they make buildings in China?

Why do they get snake skins?

What are schools like in China?
What is the government like in China?

How do they celebrate?

Where do they get their cars from in China?

How do people live in their houses?

How do they play sports?

Do they play soccer?

How do they play?

Do they have rules they need to follow?

How do they play in recess?

How do they get around?
How do they make toys?

How do they eat noodles?

How do they buy stuff?

Are their schools the same as ours?

How do they make kites?

What do they make toys with?




What did you learn about China?


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