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Mulligan Communities Over Time - Graphic Organizer

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Mayflower  Housing 
  • Not everyone lived when they were sailing to America.
  • They had to hunt and look for food.
  • The boat got pushed another way in the storm.
  • They lived in the boat and there was no privacy, 102 Pilgrims.
  • They wanted to keep going even though people were dying.
  • A man fell out of the boat.
  • They didn't have food, were hungry 
  • Their houses were made out of wood and their roofs were made of straw.
  • A palisade surrounded the village to protect it.
  • The homes were about 800 square feet.
  • They slept, ate, and lived in the main room of the house.
Clothing  Food 
  • They had laces in thier pants to keep them tight.
  • They didn't have any belts.
  • They didn't have a sewing machine.
  • The clothes were dyed with plants.
  • They boys and the girls wore dresses before the age of 6 or 7.
  • The girls carved a pocket around their waist because they didn't have pockets in their clothes. 


  • They ate duck.
  • They ate cornbread.
  • They eat with their hands. 
  • they kept their napkin on their shoulder to wipe their hands.
  • They eat mussels.
  • They ate hasty pudding.  
Chores  School 
  • They used straw for their roofs.
  • They used barrels to preserve fish.
  • They collect water from a well.
  • They grew rye.
  • Girls had to pick up animal droppings to use in their soil.
  • They didn't have schools.
  • They learned at home.
  • Their parents taught them to write and read.
  • They read Bible verses. 
Games  The First Thanksgiving 
  • They played a game where they were shooting marbles.
  • They played knicker box. 
  • They had to shoot the duck to catch it.
  • They go and get deer to eat.
  • They practiced shooting at a target for sport.
  • The feast lasted for several days.  Sometimes the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag would eat together and sometimes they would eat separtely.
  • Sometimes they played games.
  • They ate with their hands. 


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