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Mulligan Communities Over Time

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What do you know about the Pilgrim community?

  (We record not only what the students know, but what they think they know.  As research progresses students will confirm correct statements, identify inaccurate statements and record corrections in the What did you learn?  section below.)

They are from England.

They discovered Spain.

They traveled on a boat.

They have cars.

They have homes.

They are people.

They lived a long time ago.

They eat different foods.

They hunt bears.

They live in different houses.

They don't have cable.

They make wood.

They help communities.

They grow food.

The pilgrims are a community.

The pilgrims help school.

Pilgrim is a short name for roly poly.

Pilgrims might be a animal or bug. 


What do you want to learn about the Pilgrim community?

Did the Pilgrims go to school?

What was the Mayflower?

Is the Mayflower big?

What did the Pilgrims eat?

Did they eat pig's feet like we have in stores?

What did their homes look like?

What kind of clothes did they wear?

Where did they sleep in their homes?

Did they play games?

Did they celebrate Christmas?

What was their food like?

How did they live on the Mayflower?

Did they go to school?

Did they play games?

Did they eat turkey?

Why did they hunt bears?

Why did they celebrate Thanksgiving?

What food did they eat?

Did they celebrate birthdays?

How did they plays games?

Did they have homes?

How did they build the Mayflower?

How did they get to where they traveled?

Did they have chores?

Did they speak a different language?

How did they get their food?

Do they eat different foods from us?

What did they wear for clothes?

Did they celebrate Halloween?

What kind of houses did they live in?

Did they have electronics?

Did they have pets?

What did they learn in school?


What did you learn about the Pilgrim community?


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