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Wisniewski Farm Animals

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We learned this was correct.


We aren't sure.   We need to do more research. 


ABC  We learned this was not correct.



What do you know about farm animals? 

Baby chicks have claws.

A pig has holes in his nose.

Cows make milk.

Horses have horseshoes.

Pigs snore.

A cow moos.

Cows have 4 stomaches.

Baby chicks have a peck tooth.

Baby cows are called calves.

Cows can see in color.

Baby pigs are called piglets.

Chickens lay eggs.

Pigs snort.

Pigs roll in mud to keep cool. 


What Questions do you have about farm animals?

Why do all of those piglets stay close to their mom?

What do pigs eat?

How do cows drink milk?

Why do the pigs roll in the mud?

Where do horses live?

Why do cows eat grass?

Why do horses wear horseshoes?

Why do cows have four stomaches?

How do cows make meat?

How do goats eat grass?

Why do pigs snort?

Why are cows kept in pens?

Why do cows drink milk from their mothers?

Why do cows have milk?

Why do turkeys have brown and white feathers?

Why do piglets sleep so close to each other and their mother?

Why are pigs different colors?

Why are some pigs black?

Why do cows have udders?

Do horses eat flowers?

Why do people shave wool off of sheep?

Why do some pigs have short noses and others have long noses?

Why do cows have different spot patterns on their fur?

Why do the mother cows not have horns?

Why do cows like to lay in the grass?

Why are some of the pigs legs pink? 



We learned the following facts about farm animals.

Girl pigs are called sows.

Brown pigs can have pink heads and brown spots.

Pigs eat meat.

Pigs roll in mud to keep cool.

Pigs have noses that are called snouts.

Snouts are flat.

Pigs can be different colors.

Pigs get sunburned like people.

Boy pigs are called boars.

If pigs get sunburned, they get sick.

Baby Pigs are called piglets.

Pigs are clean animals.

Pigs have curly tails

Pigs are very smart.

Pigs have stiff hairs.

Pigs like to swim.

Pigs can smell things a long way.

Pigs come when they are called.

There are 300 different kinds of pigs.

Pigs really hear well.

Pigs live on a farm.

Pigs kind of are like dogs.

Pigs swim.




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