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Mrs Trifaro's Class - China

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We learned this was correct.


We aren't sure.   We need to do more research. 


ABC  We learned this was not correct.



What do you know about China? 

They have dragons.

They eat dumplings.

They say ming-how which means hello.

They celebrate Chinese New Year for two weeks.

They go to school for karate.

They speak a different language.

They speak different words.

They have a parade and people have these dragons and they hang something like a pinata.

It is far away.

They eat different things and they cook differently.

They do not have a car they walk.

They ride buses because they do not have a car.

They have these money sheets and every year.

They have a sign thing on them.

They have a lot of bikes there.

They celebrate different parades.

They have different bikes.

They do not use forks and spoons.

They use chopsticks for food.

They eat different food.

They use these kind of sticks to eat with.



What Questions do you have about China?

Do they use chopsticks?

How do they eat?

How do they travel?

What does their money look like?

How do they dress?

How do they hunt?

How do they see their houses?

How do they build their schools?

How do they eat with chopsticks?

What do their houses look like?

How do they eat food?

What do they learn in school? 

What does their school look like?

How do they back flips?

How do they travel?

Why do they speak Chinese?




We learned the following facts about China.


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