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We learned this was correct

We aren't sure. We need to do more research

ABC  We learned this was not correct


What do you know about polar bears?

  • If you want to pet a polar bear it might put its paw on your head and kill you.
  • They have black and white color.
  • You can play with a polar bear only if it is nice
  • A polar bear has white fur.
  • A polar bear can swim and they drink water.
  • Lots of polar bears live in Africa.
  • Some polar bears like to swim.
  • Some polar bears climb.
  • Polar bears are white and they have short claws.
  • They swim in the cold water.
  • They lay down.
  • They eat bamboo.
  • They can go for a ride.
  • You can throw food to them to eat it.
  • They can swim.
  • They live at the Polar Express.

What questions do you have about polar bears?

  • Do the live in a hole?
  • How do they get from place to place?
  • Do they sleep?
  • Do they scratch you?
  • What do they sleep on?
  • How do they climb?
  • Can they eat?
  • Can they swim?
  • Can they take a ride?
  • What do polar bears eat?
  • What do they live in?
  • Do they all have the same white fur?
  • How do they protect their cubs?
  • How do they have babies?
  • How do they take care of their babies?


We learned the following facts about polar bears.

  • Mother polar bears teach their cubs to swim.
  • They all have white fur.

larger view


  • They sometimes live in dens dug out of the snow.

larger view


  • Polar bears eat fish and seals.

larger view


  • Polar bears can swim up to 40 miles at one time.

larger view


  • Polar bears use their sharp claws to climb on the ice and snow.


larger view                         larger view


  • They sleep on the ice and snow.

larger view


  • They move from place to place by walking, running, swimming.


larger view                         larger view


  • Polar bears have waterproof fur.

larger view


  • They have to eat a lot in order to survive.


larger view                         larger view


  • They have blubber under their skin to help them stay warm.

larger view


  • Their fur is hollow and clear.

larger view


Other Polar Bear Pictures:


larger view                         larger view                         larger view                 larger view



larger view                         larger view                         larger view


Resources we used for our research


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