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  We learned this was correct

We aren't sure.  We need to do more research

ABC   We learned this was not correct


What do you know about polar bears? 

  • They have white fur.
  • They have brown fur.
  • They have white fur to keep them warm from the coldness.
  • I think they live in igloos and I think I saw one with red fur.
  • They live in a cold place.
  • They have sharp teeth.
  • They eat fish.
  • They have sharp claws and sharp teeth.
  • When they look for fish when they are standing at the edge of the snow.
  • Polar bears live in a nice place, in an igloo.
  • They live in the water.
  • They eat honey.
  • They live in the snow.
  • They can swim.
  • They have sharp fingers.
  • They have a lot of teeth.
  • They can swim in water and eat fish.
  • They eat chicken.
  • I know that they are dangerous.
  • They live in a cold place.


What questions do you have about polar bears?

  • Has a polar bear ever eaten a person?
  • Where do they sleep at night?
  • Where do polar bears live?
  • How do polar bears swim?
  • Do they have babies?
  • What do they eat?
  • Do they climb trees to get honey and eat it?
  • How do polar bears swim through the water?
  • Do they eat fish in the water? 
  • How do they get their food?
  • Do polar bears live in the snow and brown bears in the woods?
  • Do polar bears salivate?
  • How big do polar bears get?
  • Do they eat snow?
  • Do they live in the zoo?
  • Do polar bears live in the Arctic?
  • Have any polar bears ever been killed by humans?
  • How do they use their paws?


We learned the following facts about polar bears.


  • They use their paws to help them swim, catch food and to dig.
  • Many polar bears have been killed by humans.
  • Polar bears live in the arctic.

larger view


  • Some polar bears live in zoos
  • Polar bears do salivate
  • Polar bears live in the snow

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  • Polar bears use camouflage to sneek up on their food
  • Polar bears eat fish.

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  • They use their big paws to help them swim. 4

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  • Polar bears eat fish and seals.


larger view                                   larger view


  • Female polar bears have babies called cubs. 


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  • Polar bears sleep on the snow or ice.
  • Polar bears are excellent swimmers.

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  • Polar bears swim under water to get food.
  • Polar bears will stand still up to 14 hours to get a seal.
  • A polar bear has 3-4 layers of skin and fur
  • A polar bear's blubber helps hold in heat.

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Other Pictures

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Resources we used for our research 


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