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Ms Selby's Panda Wiki

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We learned this was correct.

We aren't sure. We need to do more research

ABC We learned this was not correct


What do you know about pandas?


-Panda bears are black and white.


-Panda bears eat bamboo.


-Pandas climb in the trees. 




What questions do you have about pandas?

-How long does a panda live?


-How many babies can a panda have at one time?


-How does a panda sleep?


-Where does the panda sleep?


-How high can a panda climb in the tree? 


-Is the panda always black and white?


-Where can you find a panda bear?


-Does the panda swim?


We learned the following facts about pandas?

-There are 200 types of bamboo.


-Some bamboo will grow as tall as trees.


-Bamboo stalks are the hardest part of the bamboo.


-Panda bears eat bamboo 90% of the time.


-Pandas eat 20 types of bamboo.


-Most pandas spedn up to 16 hours a day eating.


-In one year they eat about 10,000 pounds of bamboo.


-There are 1,600 giant Panda's in the world.


-The Red Panda ranges from 6.5 to 25 lbs.


-The Red Panda eats acorns, roots, lichens


-The Red Panda can have 1-4 babies


-The Red Panda is usually active at night or early in the morning


-The Red Panda is clumsy on the ground


-The Red Panda makes small sharp whistling sounds


-The Red Panda is endangered


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