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Jennette Polar Bears

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We learned this was correct.


We aren't sure.   We need to do more research. 


ABC  We learned this was not correct.



What do you know about polar bears?

  • Some bears are polar bears and some bears are just bears.
  • Polar bears live in the Arctic. 
  • Polar bears sometimes eat people.
  • Polar bears like snow.
  • Polar bears like the coldness.
  • Polar bears like to eat fish.
  • Polar bears are used to eating fish from the water.
  • Some bears live in zoos.
  • Some bears sleep with their babies.
  • They almost live next to Santa.
  • They like ice.
  • They like water.
  • They have fur to keep them warm.
  • Polar bears have igloos to sleep in.
  • Polar bears have white fur.
  • Polar bears may attack us.
  • Polar bears run fast. 


What Questions do you have about polar bears?

  • How do polar bears survive?
  • Do polar bears run faster than people?
  • How do polar bears have their babies?
  • Where do they live?
  • How do they have fur?
  • What do polar bears look like?
  • Do they have nails?
  • Do they ice skate?
  • Do they swim?
  • How do they help their babies?
  • Do polar bears run faster than their babies?
  • How do polar bears keep their babies warm?
  • How do polar bears drink from the water?
  • How do polar bears sleep?
  • How do polar bears sleep in the winter?
  • What is it like where they live?
  • How do they jump?
  • How do they keep themselves warm?


We learned the following facts about polar bears.

  • Polar bears hide from the seal and they surprise the seals the catch them.  

  • They also eat caribou.

  • Polar bears also keep their babies warm.

  • Male polar bears are bigger than female polar bears, but the females are still huge. 

  • Polar bears may stand in front of an airhole waiting for a seal to come up for air to breathe.

  • Some polar bears have long feet.

  • Polar bears are the biggest bears on earth.

  • Some polar bears are dying because the ice is melting.

  • Sometimes polar bears eat seaweed.

  • Polar bears can swim.

  • Polar bears are furry.

  • Polar bears like to eat seals and sometimes they will sneak up to a seal in the water.

  • Polar bears eat seals.

  • Polar bears may not get seals during the summer because the ice is melted.

  • Polar bears live close to the North Pole.  It is very icy and very snowy.

  • Polar bears live in dens sometimes.

  • Polar bears like to eat whales.

  • Polar bears can swim down to 90 feet.

  • Polar bears eat seals.

  • Polar bears are 150 feet long.

  • Polar bears are mammals.

  • Polar bears live in dens.

  • Polar bears protect their babies.

  • Polar bears wait for their food.  


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