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Broyles Penguins

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We learned this was correct.


We aren't sure.   We need to do more research.


ABC We learned this was not correct.


What do you know about penguins?

  • They swim.
  • They eat food.
  • They can walk slowly.
  • Even though they are birds, they do not fly.
  • They are black and they have a white spot.
  • They swim in icy water.
  • They waddle.
  • When they are underwater, they come up inside the ice.
  • They do what they want to do.
  • They are birds.
  • They jump out of the water to get on the cold ice.
  • They are cold when they are in the water and ice.
  • They swim very fast.
  • They slide on their tummies and jump in the water.
  • They quack like a duck.
  • They are good swimmers.


What Questions do you have about penguins?

  • What do penguins eat?
  • How do penguins swim fast? 
  • Why do they jump out of the water?
  • How do they slide down the mountain?
  • How do they swim fast with their flippers?
  • How do they swim on ice?
  • How fast can they walk?
  • How do they stay warm in the cold?
  • How do they swim?
  • How do they jump?
  • Why do they slide on their tummies?
  • Why do they swim in ice water?
  •  How do penguins keep the baby penguins warm?
  • Why don't penguins fly?
  • Why do penguins walk slowly?
  • Why do they have a family?
  • What do they eat?
  • How big are penguins? 


We learned the following facts about penguins.

  • Penguins eat fish and krill.
  • Penguins are shorter than people.
  • Their are different types pf penguins.
  • One type is the African Penguin.
  • Some penguins live in Antarctica.
  • Penguins can swim, but don't fly.
  • Penguins swim fast.
  • Penguins are birds.
  • Penguins slide on the ice.
  • Penguins swim under ice and then jump onto the ice.
  • Penguins are different heights.
  • Different penguins have different lines (or markings) on their bodies. 

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